The Asset Layer of Metaverse
MeshMill is building technology that enables content creators to build in-game assets that traverse securely through metaverses while preserving their utility value.

MeshMill is developing the asset layer of the metaverse by building three core patent-pending technologies:

  • the first of its kind, interoperability protocol;
  • platform agnostic game asset standard;
  • Web3 companion dApp that will be blockchain agnostic.

Corporations, big tech took over the narrative of Web2. They built walled gardens. Are we going to repeat the same mistakes in Web3? Our team is passionate about co-building a pervasive, open, and inclusive metaverse. For this to be realized, however, the metaverse assets should freely traverse virtual worlds, as well.

We are focused on content creators who are building digital assets. The creators convert their digital assets into interoperable metaverse assets or, in other words, iNFTs in their existing pipeline that’s augmented with MeshMill. This, in turn, appreciates the value of their digital assets by having additional utility and longevity in the form of iNFTs.

Lifecycle of an Asset